19. – 23. marts 2020 Vintercamp

The program will be very intensive and only available for serious students/teachers. There will be a lot of hard work daily and then we will finish of on the last day with some sort of “test/certification” like I do on my Danish Taiji intensive group. My goal is to spread serious teaching in Europe and create a platform for high standard in Taiji teaching which is much needed.

Content: The full content will be revealed only for people who contact me directly. It is 5 days – 40 hours of direct teaching and hands on together with other serious practitioners in a small group. There will be 3 prices depending on the connection to me:


875 Euro for ”ordinary” students (no connection to me previously)

(”Early bird” before December 31, 775 Euro)


775 Euro for people who are already on exploringtaiji.com

(”Early bird” 700 Euro)


600 Euro for the people who both arrange workshops for me and are on exploringtaiji.com

For alle workshops/kurser gælder, er der for få tilmeldinger 8 dage inden, er det muligt at der aflyses.